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  • Apple Cider Donuts

    Apple Cider Donuts

    These apple cider doughnuts are as fun to prepare as they are to eat. Make it a family project, with kids cutting out the doughnut shapes and dredging the cooled doughnuts in the cinnamon sugar.
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  • Chicken Pozole Verde - Farberware

    Chicken Pozole Verde

    This shredded chicken and hominy-based Mexican stew is slow simmered with a salsa verde made with tomatillos, cilantro, and jalapeños giving this soup a beautiful green hue, and the pumpkin seeds add a nutty flavor and creamy texture.
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  • Turkey Tetrazzini with Hard Cider Cream Sauce - Farberware Cookware

    Turkey Tetrazzini with Hard Cider Cream Sauce

    Because the day after Thanksgiving should be just as delicious as the big feast—and maybe a tad more adventurous—we’ve got Tetrazzini with our own twist. Hard cider adds depth to the classic sauce, but still has all the traditional elements of the dish we love.



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  • Steak Stroganoff

    Steak Stroganoff

    The beloved flavors from your Mom’s Beef Stroganoff are taken up a notch (or three)! This updated version keeps all that is great about the classic dish—but shows new respect for the inherent nature of the ingredients by giving them individual attention. So, go on, love those creamy, rich noodles—and also the clean, robust savory steak, and the naturally sweet, gently cooked onions. The flavors and textures of these elements balance beautifully—and make this Steak Stroganoff even more delicious and satisfying.

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  • Hearty Sausage and Winter Vegetable Soup

    Hearty Sausage and Winter Vegetable Soup

    This hearty soup is chockfull of winter’s best vegetables. To save time, you can buy peeled chunks of fresh butternut squash in many grocery stores: you’ll need about 20 ounces. This recipe makes enough for two meals: the soup keeps well in the refrigerator for up to five days, and freezes beautifully.

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  • Easy French Onion Soup

    Easy French Onion Soup

    This elegant but easy soup makes a perfect simple supper for the busy holiday season but works just as well as a fancy feast first course. Rich and decadent, the buttery sweet onions and ooey goeey cheese with crisped freshly griddled bread make for heartwarming comfort food your family will love.
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